What's your signature style? This isn't the first time I've been asked this and I honestly have no clue! I'm a little
practical, a little high fashion and a little street. I believe in always looking appropriate for an occasion and the weather (you'll never find me freezing for fashion). I believe clothes are an extension of your personality and mood. I want to be creative and have fun with clothes and I like playing "dress up" – I have my "1950s housewife" days and my "Studio 54" days. I've also taken time to understand my body shape and which colours flatter me. This summer I've been very feminine, but I'm going slightly edgier for winter.

Who is your style icon?
I don't have one particular style icon. I really like what Rihanna's doing in terms of taking haute couture into the mainstream. Her stylist, Mariel Haenn, does great work. I also adore Tracey Ellis Ross (Joan from Girlfriends) and have been known to ask myself "What would Joan do?" before buying an item.

What items of clothing will you be investing in this year?
I'm definitely investing in a pair of tan leather boots and my trend splurge is a pair of lace-up, cuffed, grungy, ankle boots.

What clothing shops do you frequent the most and why?
My wardrobe is completely eclectic – I have vests and a few knits from Mr Price and Pep (good value for money) and I like major retailers such as Edgars, Woolworths and Foschini. I love Jo Borkett's winter range as well. I have a few designer items, but they're classics such as blazers, black leather shoes and jeans. I buy accessories everywhere. For me, it's less about where you buy things than how you put it together.