Face-slimming hairstyles

Follow these five steps to find the most flattering face-slimming hairstyle for you.

A flattering hairstyle can help you look younger and slimmer. Likewise, the wrong hairstyle for your face shape can work against you. It boils down to finding the right balance and proportion for your face and, with time and a bit of research, you will find the hairstyle that suits you perfectly. Remember that some of the world's most stunning women, like Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore, also have round faces. And like these beauties prove, there is a variety of flattering options to choose from. We have five steps to finding your perfect hairstyle:

1. Face Shape
The first step is to understand the shape of your face. Do you have a round, square, rectangular or heart-shaped face? You want to make your face appear more oval-shaped. Look at celebrities with similar face shapes to yours to get some ideas of what styles will work for you.

2. Side-parting
A side-parting will allow you to sport bangs or longer layers across the face. This is a great way to de-emphasize your face's round proportions. It will accentuate your cheekbones and create the illusion of a far slender face shape. Avoid blunt-cut bangs since it will only create hard lines across the forehead.

3. Hair length
Shoulder length or longer hair will make your face appear longer and leaner. Envision vertical stripes on a dress as opposed to horizontal stripes – this approach will also work wonders for your face shape. Avoid bobs or short hairstyles, since they can add additional width to your face shape.

4. Layers
Layering is key for achieving a face-slimming hairstyle. They can assist with reducing a double chin and give great definition to the shoulder area. Remember to keep your layers long – no shorter than chin length.

5. Colour
Highlighting and colouring can help make your face appear thinner. Strong contrast is excellent since it creates some shading, which is also flattering. Although colouring can also add some depth to the hair, it is still mostly the cut that is key to creating a face-slimming effect.