Vanessa Gounden, whose Vanessa G fashion brand launched with much aplomb in London recently, tells us what two business opportunities she has on her backburner.

Gounden is CEO of Holgoun Investment Holdings, the family-owned company she runs alongside her husband Sivi.

On Holgoun Healthcare: “We’ve established that we can actually bring medication into SA at a reduced cost and lower the price of certain types of medication. Pharmaceuticals are part of our diversification strategy. We are simply paying too much for medication in SA. The ‘big two’ control the pricing market. Sivi and I are very health conscious and we found that the whole issue of a balanced life and the anti-ageing debate was an opportunity for us. The only really successful wellness product is Solal and there’s no alternative, so there’s definitely an opportunity for creating a cheaper alternative in the market. I have a group of doctors and pharmacists currently working on development of the product.”

On Holgoun lifestyle and leisure: “I’m spending a lot of energy on this sector. Besides Vanessa G, I’m looking at launching boutique hotels, because I love the services sector. We want to create a new brand of boutique hotels globally – and get Vanessa G to kit them all out! We plan to diversify into home decor.”
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