5 anti-ageing make-up tips

Applying the right make-up can make you look years younger. Learn how to achieve this by following a few of our anti-ageing make-up tips.

1. Use a primer
Primers are a great way to make you look years younger. Apply it over your moisturiser and under your foundation. Skin primers help to fill pores, soften fine lines and smooth the surface of your skin. It also helps other products to apply effortlessly on the skin.

2. Don’t use too much foundation
Do not cover up your face with too much foundation. Only spot apply a tiny amount on areas where it is absolutely necessary and blend well. Natural skin is far more radiant than skin covered in foundation. Also try using a moisture foundation, since it will not cake into the fine lines, but apply smoothly over the skin. Avoid using powder, as it will make your skin look dull and exaggerate fine lines.

3. Use concealer and highlighter around your eyes
The delicate skin around your eyes is the first to show signs of ageing, fatigue and an unhealthy lifestyle. Gently pat concealer over your eyelids and under your eyes using your ring finger. The warmth from your fingers will help to melt the concealer into the skin, making it look far more natural. Remember to use as little as possible to avoid it looking caked on. The concealer will immediately brighten the skin around your eyes. Next, apply a highlighter shadow over eyelids, under the eyebrows and in the inside corners of eyes to freshen the eyes. Mascara is also a great way to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

4. Use blusher
Instantly refresh your skin by rubbing a coral, pink, peach or bronze cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks, blending it out to the temples. Also add a tiny amount of sheer highlighter cream on top of the cheekbones to give the skin a dewy look.

5. Pink lips always look younger
Use tinted lipsticks or glosses to hide ageing and look younger. Nude and beige-toned lipsticks can make you look dull and older. Rather use sheer pink or rose lip hues to give you an instant radiance.