Body Sugaring

Come summer, we want to be body-ready for the pool and beach. Keeping our bodies hair-free is a must to look smooth and sexy. A great way to remove unwanted body hairs is to go for body sugaring.

Body sugaring is an all-natural alternative to waxing. The body sugaring paste is made from 100% natural ingredients with no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects caused by allergic reactions. It is so natural you can eat it!

The gel is heated and applied exactly like wax, but unlike wax, it does not stick to the skin's outer layer. It is less painful than waxing and treats even sensitive areas. The gel is also water-soluble and washes off easily, which is great for accidental spills.

With body sugaring there is better removal of the thin, finer hairs and the sugaring exfoliates the skin at the same time by gently removing unwanted dead skin cells and leave the skin soft and silky.

Most waxes must be removed immediately before they dry. This means repetitious dipping and stripping, making the process longer than necessary. Sugar will not dry, so the process takes less time and yields better results.

So go smooth this summer with body sugaring.



Contact details of salon that offers the body sugaring technique:  

Lis Spa in Cape Town 021 761 0759 

Pinnacurl Pamper in Illovo, Sandton: 0112680443

Stepping Out Nail & Beauty salon, Alberton: 0118691274

Toast & Co, Craighall Park: 0113255184

Especially 4 U, Midrand: 0113142799

Aesthetica Skin centre, Boksburg: 0834472703

Andalasia, Krugersdorp: 0116648754