Low-cost airline 1time has recorded 93% OTP figures for OR Tambo, King Shaka and Cape Town International Airports for January. “On time performance and load factor percentages are the key performance indicators of any airline," says 1time CEO, Rodney James. "We are extremely proud of our results."
By paying attention to detail, the airline has managed to win the World Travel Award for Africa’s best low-cost airline three years in a row. We discuss how the small things can help you set your company apart.

Go the extra mile
Personal and professional development consultant and coach, Sandras Phiri suggests the following ways to go further to boost your business:

1. If you collect customer details, send them a birthday message. An email or SMS delights your client. The email should be signed by a real person and designation.
2. When you make a mistake with your customer, run to them and not away from them. Rectified bad service gets more publicity than good service. Call the customer if and when you said you would.
3. Share your vision in detail with your employees and explain to each one how they practically contribute to its attainment. This gives inspiration and satisfaction to employees as it gives their work more meaning.
4. Make personal development a deliberate part of your policy. The quality of your company is dependent on the quality of the people.
5. Pay attention to how you do things and make small continuous improvements. For example, by simply repeating a customer's order you can save hours of redoing things.