LCN Recolution Manicure

We try the LCN Recolution Manicure in Starry Night.

I was invited by LCN to experience its new Recolution Manicure. I was very excited to try it, since I like the idea of a nail polish that lasts at least two weeks. This is a perfect manicure for when you go on holiday or for a long business trip, as you do not have to worry about redoing your nails while away.

The promise: This salon manicure will last two weeks on the hands and four weeks on the feet without any chipping or dulling. It's natural in appearance and will not damage the natural nail.

What happens: The nail technician started with prepping my nails for the manicure by removing my existing nail polish, filing and buffing the nails. Next, she wiped my nails with the LCN prep cleaner to remove the oily layer. The first layer is the LCN nail optimiser, which dries the nails slightly to prepare it for the bonding layer. This gets set for two minutes under the UV lights unit. She then applied the LCN bonding layer. Next, was the LCN UV-Colour polish, which was applied in two coats. I chose a very dark colour, Starry Nights, which was black with a touch of blue glitter. After the polish, she used the LCN sealer. In between all these various layers, one needs to set the nails every time under the UV lights unit for a few minutes. Finally, she used the LCN super-shine finish cleaner and voilà! – perfectly manicured nails for two weeks. When you are ready to get your nail polish removed, you need to get it done professionally, since it needs to be buffed and soaked in acetone.

The results: My nails looked amazing! They were very shiny and lasted three weeks without any chipping. The colour of the nail polish also did not fade and looked perfect for three weeks. The only reason I removed the polish after three weeks was because the regrowth became very visible. I love the new LCN Recolution Manicure, since it is flexible and durable.

Cost: The recommended price for a LCN Reculotion overlay is about R200 and does not include a standard manicure. If a manicure is included it will cost about R300.

For more information or to find the closest stockist to you, visit: or call 087 751 0410.