Essence Soufflé Touch Blush

We try Essence Soufflé Touch Blush in 020 Frozen Strawberry.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Essence make-up products. They're so affordable and you can really splash out and get a variety of colours and goodies. The latest Essence product I am playing with is the Soufflé Touch Blush.

As the name suggests, the texture has a soufflé-like consistency. This is a bit unusual, since it's something between a cream and a foam consistency that's wet to the touch. 020 Frozen Strawberry is a lovely colour. It gives a natural flushed look on the cheeks.

The only problem I have with this blusher is that it's not easy to apply and can look blotchy on the cheeks. I tried to apply it with a stipple brush and with my finger and found my finger to work best – dab it onto the cheeks and blend it outwards. It does, however, leave a stain on your finger. It also applies better if you wear very little foundation.

My final verdict is that if you like a wet or creamy blusher, it's worth giving this one a try at a very affordable R40. I would, however, stick with using a more expensive powder blusher, since it's easier to apply and lasts very long.

Available exclusively at Clicks.