Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour

We try Catrice Ultimate Colour Lip Colour in 190 The Nuder The Better.

I'm surprised by how much I love the Nuder shade of Catrice’s Ultimate Lip Colour. My favourite at the moment is to wear The Nuder The Better lipstick and complementing it with a darker eyeshadow on my eyes.

If scent is your thing, well, this lipstick smells as sweet as the most delicious summer fragrance of berries.

The texture itself is remarkable. So smooth and so soft! I really love how my lips feel heavenly moisturised when applying it. I also found the Nuder shade to be wonderfully long lasting.

The lipstick holder is the most basic black, with the Catrice logo appearing twice on the canister. The logo has also been engraved into the lipstick. I like the simple yet stylish attention to detail.

To find a lipstick with a great colour, delicious smell and an amazing texture is a treat of note.

Price: R55

Available exclusively at Dis-Chem stores.