Ciara’s “One Woman Army”

Strength is the recurring theme throughout R&B singer Ciara’s new album. The US-based star invited media to an exclusive album listening session at Sony’s Parktown recording studio.

Ciara, who is in SA for a few days, kicked off promotion for her album as soon as she touched down. Speaking at her album session yesterday, the songstress said she was excited about her album, titled One Woman Army.

Ciara described working with renowned Hollywood producer, LA Reid as an amazing experience which allowed her to rediscover her musical talents.

Having last worked with LA Reid a decade ago, Ciara said she was at home at LA Reid’s Epic records.

“I’m happy to be home. Being with LA Reid is great; he's very open and consistent. Ultimately working with him is about producing the best record possible.”

Explaining that this One Woman Army may be her best work to date, Ciara added that she had invested her time and resources into producing a musically strong product. On what fans can expect from her latest offering, Ciara said it was fresh, vibrant with a heavy leaning towards pop, dance and R&B.

“I want people who know my music to know me more through this album and for people who have just met me, to stay and enjoy it.”

About the writing process for her debut single, Sorry, Ciara said she had penned the song while in Dubai.

“The writing process for this song was like a letter which I couldn’t personally express. I said all the things I wanted to in this song about someone I cared about.”

On whom she had worked with, Ciara said she had a team of talented producers and close friends consisting of star musos Jermaine Dupri, and Rodney Jerkins to make her vision a reality.

Reflecting on her career, Ciara reiterated that working with LA Reid once again was a positive moment in her life.

“I believe in this project and I have always wanted to work with someone who understood my idea, the vision I had. LA Reid does and he is a great partner to have. I know there is no “I” in team and I’ve learned to be strong by knowing I can’t do it by myself.

“The legacy I want to leave is one of being an entertainer who loves what she does. I hope to gain more opportunities to perform and look back years from now and know that I rocked the stage. I’m striving for greatness. There is no greater feeling than being able to spread love around the world. I believe in making my dreams come true. Years before I had a song on Billboard, I said I wanted to be a performer and sell three to four million records. The next year I sold five million records and had a number one song followed by another. I want to share what I’ve experienced and leave a mark of love.”

Album review

Ciara’s latest offering, One Woman Army launches into an old school R&B feel with the main single Sorry. This ballad maintains an upbeat tempo while channeling the Keith Sweat era. It’s a love song which grows on you as Ciara pours her heart out, lamenting how apologetic she is for a love gone wrong.

The next single, Got me Good is a get up and go song which may become a female anthem for singletons. Produced by Rodney Jerkins, this song is a definite club banger with heavy pop influences. Although the lyrics are simple, this cheeky song will have many a lady on the dance floor.

Overdose has a slow tempo with excellent production. This is quite a catchy song and in true Ciara style may lead you to take a step or two.

Washaway is another romantic song. This single has a familiar sound and is quite forgettable.

Running is a catchy tune with a fresh and lively feel while One Woman Army may have the potential to be a hit single.