Wealth and happiness at the Success Summit

It’s billed as the weekend that will change your life - an audience with Sir Richard Branson and nine other leading world-class speakers.

The two-day 2013 South African Success Summit set to take place on 2 and 3 March promises to impart know-how that will see you become wealthier, happier, faster.

Joining the Virgin Group founder will be personal empowerment specialist Dr John Demartini, Internet marketing trainer Adam Ginsberg, founder of Live Out Loud Loral Langemeier and master trader and trainer Greg Secker, among others.

Secker, who owns Forex training company Knowledge to Action, one of Europe's largest trader coaching companies, will share practical, wealth creating tools. 

Secker is the brains behind the summit. Having been among the group of entrepreneurs invited as mentors to the launch of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Secker subsequently asked Branson if he would headline a large-scale event to encourage entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Branson agreed on condition Secker donated some of the profits from the event to the centre. With Branson’s commitment secured, he had no trouble getting other speakers to sign up.

“We’ll target 5 000 paid attendees and broadcast a message of entrepreneurial success, wealth and health,” he told them.

Although South Africa’s future economic growth prospects are dependent on entrepreneurial activity, Branson has been quoted saying, “The economic contribution to South Africa’s entrepreneurial sector is below the developing country norm. I believe that increasing entrepreneurship in this country is the golden highway to economic democracy.” 

And this is what prompted Secker to want to stage a summit in SA. “Besides this is the only country in the world where people say, 'Thank you for coming', after a seminar,” he said.

A multi-millionaire by his twenties, Secker is an IT graduate who had a job on a trading floor.

“My father likes to joke at dinner parties that if I had had an IT job at a pharmaceutical company, I might have become a drug dealer,” he said.

Unbeknownst to Secker, the man he sat next to was the biggest currency trader and taught him all the tricks. In the first 11 months, Secker used his mother’s money to trade and turned out a profit. He then went on to mortgage the house his grandfather left to him and his sister – without his sister’s knowledge. Fortuitously, he made enough, put the money back, and his sister was none the wiser.

The idea of a trader coaching company germinated when people found out what he did for a living and asked if he could teach them.

“At the height of it I had 19 people camped out on my living room floor, drinking coffee, smoking cigarette and learning about the currency trading market,” Secker said.

“Little did I know that this school or seminar training room was implanting the seed which now employs about 300 people around the world including Durban, Cape Town, Singapore, Australia and America.”

Knowledge to Action is now the 49th fastest-growing company in Great Britain. The company’s unique selling point is its clients are put on a trading floor with a professional trader to trade live. This is done for a few sessions until the client is confident they can do it on their own.

Some go on to become professional traders while others make a decent second income out of it, Secker said.

These days he spends his time travelling the world, motivating people and speaking at seminars alongside Branson, Donald Trump and others, while a group of traders and managers run his company.

Secker is passionate about charity work and is closely linked to the Ubuntu Education Fund, an NGO that provides world-class health and educational support to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Port Elizabeth. A portion of the funds from the Success Summit will be donated to the fund.

Visit: www.successsummit.co.za for more information.