How to use social media to recruit talent

If you're looking for the next star to join your team, adding social networking to your recruitment tools can be hugely beneficial. Here are some tips on how to use social media to hire new talent.

1. Create a presence

You can only use the channels if you are there. Create a job and career-related profile, like this one from a global hotel chain to get your vacancy in the line of vision of potential recruits. Social media provides ample chance to highlight what makes your company unique, so use the opportunity to be creative.  A recruitment video, like this one by Apple, will attract potential candidates more powerfully than a simple ad.

2. Reach out strategically
Having a strategy is key because the huge selection of platforms available requires that you be selective in order to be effective. Profile your ideal candidate and figure out which platform may be best to access them from. Don’t dismiss the newer or smaller platforms, for instance, if you are looking for a photographer or designer, portfolios on Instagram or Pinterest could deliver great results. If you are looking for someone in financial services, then perhaps LinkedIn would bear better returns.

3. Be easy to find
The easier and more searchable you are, the more likely you will be able to find a match with the right level of education, experience, skills. Think about your use of keywords, but also use SEO-friendly titles, tags and descriptions on your posts, video and images to attract candidates. If you choose to use Twitter, include a hashtag with a keyword to make it searchable. You can consider using #job, #hiring, or something similar to that. Relevant contact details and links should be easy to find.

4. Paid services
For a fee, services such as LinkedIn Talent Solutions allow you to use tools specifically designed for recruiters. LinkedIn Recruiter helps you with automated solutions, and career pages and custom ads also provide great visibility. If your target audience is active on Facebook, there is the option of using Facebook Ads. This service allows you to narrow in on the characteristics of the people you want to see your job posting ad. You can select target age, sex and specific keywords related to the position.

5. Measure and monitor
Using social media can create more leads than you can manage, so use a dashboard to help you organise and monitor your responses from a central system, rather than logging on to different platforms to post and respond. Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and Buffer are great options.

Puseletso Mompei is a media and communications consultant, writer/editor and trainer.  Contact her at, or visit for more information.