Kate Moodley, personal branding expert and author of Be the CEO of your own brand says it is imperative to be clear about your expectations but to bear in mind that asking about the pay package during the first interview is unprofessional.

According to Moodley, it is polite to state your salary expectation only when asked and to furnish a payslip thereafter. Moodley adds that emphasising your interest in the opportunity which has been offered to you is vital to making a good impression and ensuring that your salary negotiations go smoothly.

JT O’Donnell, a career coach, says everyone needs to have a clear number in their mind. According to O’Donnell, you should have a minimum amount that you will accept to take the job. This amount encompasses your living expenses and level of job satisfaction.

Be assertive and ascertain clearly what amount you would like or aspire to attain.

O’Donnell adds that if you truly feel the amount being offered is inadequate in correlation to your work duties, then it is best to contact the prospective employer and ask the following question:

“Thank you for choosing me for this role. I am very excited about joining your team. That being said, this is really hard for me, but I wanted to call you personally and share a challenge. While I could accept the job at this rate, it’s on the low side of my income needs. What I was really hoping for is ____. This higher rate would ensure I could do this job without any concerns of covering my expenses. Additionally, if you could compensate me at that level I would make 100% certain that you felt you were getting every penny’s worth. Would that be possible?”

Motivational speaker and behaviour specialist Dr John Demartini told DESTINY in a previous interview that highlighting your strengths and accomplishments will make your negotiations easier.

“Include what your endeavours are and how you aim to accomplish these. Be assertive and ascertain clearly what amount you would like or aspire to attain. State 10 or more advantages the company will achieve by meeting your proposed salary arrangement.

“Show your dedication and commitment to the company by taking initiative and asking for more responsibility. This will display your willingness to be accountable as you continue to add value to the company and thereby creating more opportunities to ask for additional raises in the future.”

Additional source: LinkedIn