The up-do

“This look is only for when I’m tired of the ’fro, which isn’t very often. It can also turn any look into a classy one.”

















Popping pink

“This is my all-time favourite look. I saw an amazing sunset with incredible pink and took a picture of it. The next day I went to my salon and asked for that exact shade. It was a real thrill getting so much attention, but the colour faded within two weeks.”


Lovely in lilac

“Remember I said the pink faded? Well, it turned into this amazing shade of lilac – winning!”


The blonde

“I was blonde for about four years. Most of the time I lived in London, I had blonde curls with light pink lipstick. All my friends called me ‘Goldilocks’!”












Going green

“Going green was the best decision I ever made. It got me many shoots, jobs and gigs. I even got an all-expenses-paid trip to a massive UK festival just to party, look cool and represent a clothing brand. That’s living!”