Themba aka Euphonik, in collaboration with his long time friend Khensani Mabaso popularly known as Kent, will soon open the doors of their own trendy clothing store in the busy downtown hub of Braamfontein.

The store is a result of a long-term dream to showcase the talent of up and coming young designers.

“The store will mainly focus on young people, because we are selling T-shirts, shoes and accessories,” he said.

To this end the Euphonik and Kent decided that the best location would be Braamfontein – one of Johannesburg’s trendiest spots.

“A lot of young people stay in the area and that’s why we decided to locate our store there. We hope to open it by March, but if we are unable to do that, we will definitely open it by April,” Euphonik said, adding that he has always planned to do something else other than music.

Euphonik and Kent have worked on a number of projects together since 2003, so the decision to go into business together was an easy one.

Our aim is not only to empower ourselves, but others as well

To get the business going the pair invested R200 000 of their own money.

“We didn’t have to spend a lot because we have relationships that we’ve built with people over the years and some of those people came through for us,” Euphonik explained, adding that that his marketing skills and a love for selling was another reason he wanted to open the store.

The two entrepreneurs have no illusions about the hard work that lies ahead, but are both ready to do whatever it takes to make the venture successful.

“Even though we won’t be running the store ourselves, we will be hands on as we really want to see it succeed,” Euphonik said. “I believe we will learn as we go along. Our aim is not only to empower ourselves, but others as well.”

As well as venturing into fashion, Euphonik is also working on a new album, which he plans to release in August.

Euphonik was born in Mpumalanga, but grew up in Daveyton on Joburg’s East Rand. His love for music blossomed at a very young age. Finding inspiration in the work of artists such as Hugh Masekela and Marvin Gaye, it wasn’t long before he became a DJ.