When you get your hands on what you think is a good-quality weave, you feel like you’ve won the Lotto. But things can go awry when it doesn’t live up to expectations. Issues like tangling, shedding and general deterioration can make you feel like you’ve wasted your hard-earned money.

But you’re not likely to experience these issues with this brand of hair.

Let me take you through my experience of having an Indique Virgin Indian Hair weave installed and wearing it for a few weeks.

I went to stylist and salon owner Jawad Maphoto to install the weave and walk us through the steps. It’s important to pre-wash the hair and let it air-dry before you install it. I wore is the Indique Pure Wavy, which retails between R1 690 and R3 300 per pack, depending on the length.

Step 1: My hair (which I had deep-conditioned and treated prior to the installation) was was plaited in cornrows. It’s important that the cornrows are done correctly so that your hair can remain healthy, and so that you can retain the length of your hair.

20140411_143636  20140411_152424

Step 2: Jawad attached the weave to the cornrows. Note that he did not cut the hairpiece into sections before attaching it, but instead installed it as it was. This is to ensure that the weave can be re-used quite easily and lasts longer. Also, weaves that are attached as individual pieces tend to come out more easily, and result in unsightly longer pieces dangling off your head.


Step 3: This is how the hair looked after installation. This texture is versatile and looks great both wavy and straight.

 photo 1

Step 4: I opted to get it cut into a fringe because it was just easier for me to cover my entire head of hair, since I have natural hair. Another option for natural girls is to wear a closure piece which mimics a natural scalp. This is how the hair looked after blowdrying and straightening it.

 photo 2[1]

Aftercare and maintenance:The true measure of a weave is how it looks after it has been washed and lived-in. Hair that is not as pure as it’s claimed to be will definitely not bounce back from that.

I was very happy with the fact that I could wash the hair myself, and even after styling, the hair retained its original quality and lustre. My weekly maintenance regime was shampooing with a sulcate-free shampoo, conditioning the hair and applying a mask. I would then let the hair air-dry and go straight into flat ironing after applying a heat protectant spray.

I used the Pantene Smooth and Sleek range which is designed for medium to thick hair. Initially I struggled a lot with frizz as I wanted to wear the hair dead straight most of the time.

Once I got the hang of it, I realised that the constant brushing was causing my problems, and I stuck to using a tail comb to keep the hair neat and sleek. This is a picture of the hair in week 3 – I hadn’t been to the salon once!

photo 9

This brand is one of the best in the country, and is worth consideration if you want good quality hair extensions. Visit their website here.