Love them or hate them, reality TV shows are slowly replacing conventional drama series. The scenario when a cast of professional actors who go home to rehearse their lines could soon be a thing of the past. You’ve probably seen how the US has a reality show for almost everything – from the ex wives of famous people to Hollywood’s unknown spoiled brats.

With the launch of their newest reality show, The Real Jozi A-Listers, Vuzu Amp is set to cement their place in the local television industry as creators of the most entertaining reality shows.

The cast – made up of actor and model Maps Maponyane, comedian Tall A$$ Mo, comedian and actor, Trevor Gumbi and model, musician Da LES – may be local TV’s darlings, but they aren’t A-Listers (in the conventional sense) as the show’s name suggests. Either way, this foursome claims to be the “genuine” Jozi A-Listers. A combination of Tall A$$ Mo’s innocence with Trevor Gumbi’s raw humour means viewers can expect to burst at the seams with laughter when The Real Jozi A-Listers premieres on 31 October at 7pm.

“Each of the A-Listers has a fascinating backstory that viewers already know – and the way this is used to create a narrative mixes fact with fiction makes for groundbreaking television. Also, as befits a show of this nature, you never know what other A-Listers might turn up as the series progresses, making for truly amplified viewing,” says Nkateko Mabaso, M-Net’s Director for Local Interest Channels.

The show give audiences an up-close-and-personal account of the cast’s daily lives in what promises to be a comedy show and reality TV in one.

What to expect from the first episode:
In the opening episode of The Real Jozi A-Listers, things are already going pear-shaped when Da LES returns home from a hard-working tour to find that his (actually, his mom’s) mansion has been trashed.

Who’s the culprit? In the city of gold, nothing shines more than celebrity and status – and DA LES doesn’t have to look far to find the A-Lister who loves to party more than anything else, especially one who is couch surfing because his wife has kicked him out of his home after a run for bread and milk turned into a wild trip to Cape Town (we’re looking at you Mr T Gumbi). And just like in a wolf pack Tall Ass Mo plays the peacemaker – though the other guys don’t get it,  Mo always has to stop a fight from happening.

In the mix of chaos comes Maps – the reluctant pretty-boy, who is out to shed his beauty-with-no-brains image and prove that there is in fact more to him than meets the eye, and that he’s fully deserving of being a Jozi A-Lister!