60ml bottled water or previously boiled water

60ml conditioner (Try: TRESemmé Naturals, R80)

60ml aloe vera juice (R124 for 500ml)*

30ml glycerin*

1tsp castor oil (R40 for 200ml)*

1tsp avocado oil*


Stir all the ingredients together until they’re evenly mixed. Pour the mixture into a small spray bottle and keep the spritz refrigerated.

How to use it:

Aisha says: “Spray the spritz on the hair from root to tip whenever your hair needs moisture, then style as usual.”

Why it’s her favourite:

“Aloe vera and glycerin are great for moisture. Castor oil helps with hair growth and volume, while avocado oil helps to lock in moisture and combat dry scalp.”

* Available at all good pharmacies.