When Morake decided to change her life, it was not with the aim of losing weight, but rather to live a healthier lifestyle. The weight loss has been an added bonus.

She shares the five changes she made that have resulted in the healthier and slimmer woman she is today.

Personal Trainer

“A couple of people have come up to me and said: ‘Oh my gosh, how did you lose weight so quickly?’ I didn’t lose weight quickly! I actually started working out around July last year and only started seeing results this year. Before that, I was one of those people who started banting before consulting my doctor and my cholesterol shot up to 6,1 before I collapsed at work and found out I was literally on the verge of a heart attack.”

This was a wake-up call for Morake who hadn’t been paying too much attention to exercise or what she ate.

“You’re driving everywhere, you’re not walking; you’re doing gigs where the catering is never healthy. I lead a more active lifestyle now and I’m definitely not a gym bunny, I’m literally getting in half an hour, to an hour a session.”

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Morake says that in the past she ate without thinking. “I’m more discerning about what I eat now and I’ve changed how I prepare my food. I’m not best friends with oil anymore and I’ve cut out a lot of bread and sugar from my diet, which has made a huge difference.” 

Even though banting didn’t work out for Morake, she credits the eating plan for helping her cut down on sugar, which has resulted in the biggest changes to her body.

Being on the road makes it tough to eat healthy food all the time, but Morake sensibly accepts that moderation is one of the keys to long-term success, as is drinking a lot of water.

“I don’t like water, but I’ve been drinking a lot of it and it’s made a huge difference. I’ve found that I like sparkling water and that’s what I drink now. The bubbles make me forget that it’s water!” she laughs.

Avoiding stress

“One of my issues with insulin is that I was building up so much of it from tension, that it was just gathering up in my stomach, so I’ve been forced to lead a less stressful life.” 

No more babies

Morake is not only a comedian, she is also a wife and a mother to three beautiful children. She notes that she’s gained quite a few kilos since she started having children, which is common.

“I stopped having babies! The reason people thought I was so incredibly obese is that they didn’t realise that over the past five years they’ve been seeing me pregnant or post-baby. My three children came back to back and that’s the biggest I’ve been in my life.” 

A new attitude towards health

Morake goes for an annual health assessment with Discovery and says it’s been really great to find out that she’s improved her ‘health age’. There was a time when the assessment showed that as far as her health was concerned, she was twice her age.

“I feel amazing, it’s like my husband just got a wife upgrade! I’ve got more energy for him, more energy for my kids, it’s been great for my libido, it’s just been amazing!” Morake says excitedly.

“It’s not always about your size, because I know skinny guys who have had heart attacks and that’s when I learnt that it’s not so much about how you look on the outside, it’s about what’s going inside.”

There have been other benefits too, such as the disappearance of an old knee injury that has bothered her for the last four years. “It’s all in the little things. I didn’t realise I was carrying so much weight that I was literally hurting myself,” she admits.

When asked how much weight she’s lost so far, Morake laughs loudly and says she wishes she knew!

“This morning I was like ‘OMG I should step on a scale’. I haven’t focused on how much I weigh in numbers. I’ve noticed when clothes stop fitting and that I’ve gotten stronger, for example, I could barely get through 10 push-ups before, but now I do 30 at a stretch.

“I haven’t made it a public thing because I don’t need that pressure in my life. Once you make it public you sit under this magnifying glass where people are watching you to see if you’re gonna be another Oprah, constantly yo-yoing up and down. I’m doing this on my terms and I’m enjoying being on this journey at my own pace.”