It’s been four years since South Africa’s multi-platinum-selling artist and all-round musical genius, Zonke Dikana, released a full body of new material. So naturally, news of her new single, Reach It, which dropped today, was met with much excitement.

The single, which received positive reviews from the moment it was played this morning, comes off her upcoming third album Work of Heart due to be released on 11 September.

The single Reach It showcases Zonke at her best – it is the work of a grown, assured singer-songwriter and producer, undoubtedly one of the reigning queens of Afro-soul. An instinctive writer, Zonke’s compositions flow and carry with them the collective experiences she effortlessly puts to music,” said a Sony Music Entertainment representative in a press statement.

Zonke, sadly, lost her musician sister Lulu Dikana in December last year and she lost her other elder sister, Busisiwe Dikana, in May 2013. “Changes make you stronger. No matter what happens, I don’t have it in me to lie down and give up. There is always a way. For me, music is that way. Music is goodness,” says Zonke of her new body of work.

Even though she’d been in the music industry for a long time, her 2007 album Live, Love ‘N Music offered the kind of freshness and creativity that the local music industry was in dire need of at the time. Ina Ethe, released in 2011, made South Africans realise how they’d underestimated her talent.

Zonke’s music is synonymous with timelessness and Work of Heart promises just that.