The Herreras: A portrait of success

Carolina Herrera and her daughter Carolina Herrera de Baez have created enduring success out of multiple brands

The Carolina Herrera fashion brand is synonymous with timeless elegance and founder Carolina Herrera, along with her her daughter Carolina Herrera de Baez, are the living embodiment of the brand. The mother and daughter team are at the forefront of a billion-dollar business empire, which includes their very successful fashion house and fragrance business.

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Carolina Herrera, who has a big family with four daughters, says it is possible to balance work and family.

“I always tell the young girls that I work with that it’s definitely possible to have both a family and a business. It’s simply a question of discipline and organisation,” she says.

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Daughter Carolina Herrera de Baez, who is the Creative Head of the fragrance side of the business, says that she’s inspired by many things.

“I think there’s so much creativity that if someone takes it and re-interprets it, it’ll never be the same,” she says


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