This week, DJ Sbu has been on the streets of Joburg, selling his energy drink Mofaya for a cause much bigger than himself.

Leope is selling Mofaya on the streets to raise awareness for the SLEF Benefit Concert, which he will be hosting this Sunday, 7 February, to raise funds for kids who need financial assistance to get into varsity.

“Every year, the Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation runs a campaign to raise bursaries from willing and able individuals, entrepreneurs, government departments or the private sector. Over the years, some people would say: ‘Sbu, we would love to help, but we don’t have R60k or a R100k to assist.’ So I kind of felt that I needed to come up with an initiative that includes everybody,” Leope told DESTINY MAN.

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Several of SA’s most-loved artists have come on board and will be performing at the concert without payment. The Ekhuruleni municipality has sponsored the venue and Shisa Nyama has offered food. Even the security has been donated.

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“Half of every cent raised from the annual event will be given to the Wits #AccessMustRise initiative and the other half will be used to pay for as many kids as possible to register at universities,” he says.

Selling on the streets is nothing new to Leope – he used to be a street vendor before he got into the entertainment industry.

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“This is nothing new to me, and it’s also creating such a nice atmosphere, because people recognise me from TV or whatever and they don’t expect to see me selling on the street. It creates such a beautiful excitement that I’ve been enjoying!” Leope says. “I also love the fact that it just says to people that if you’re hungry enough, you can achieve anything.”

Here are some Twitter responses to Leope’s efforts: