A recent study found that women were 67% more likely to buy a crossover SUV than men and 9% are more likely to go for an SUV. Not that you needed a study to prove this – just take a look around you next time you’re stuck in traffic and take notice of what most women are driving. Manufacturers are clamouring to please female drivers, adjusting their SUVs to better cater for them by fine-tuning features like step-in height, automated boot lids, larger seats with more hip room and – in the USA only thus far – adjustable foot pedals to accommodate a woman’s stance.

While cost and fuel economy feature high on the list when buying an SUV, subconsciously, we also take into consideration that your vehicle should reflect your personality and career accomplishments, and accommodate every role you fulfil in life, like being the mom, big sister or best friend.


Toyota RAV4: from R327 700-R487 400

wheels_RAV4One of the first compact SUVs to hit the market, the iconic RAV4 also hit a sweet spot with lady drivers in early 2000 and the sleek 2016 model is no different.

From the stylish exterior design to the ambient interior lighting, it speaks to a woman who is full of life and wants to treat herself to only the best, even though she may be at the beginning of her career.




wheels_BMWBMW X1: from R435 000-R602 500

Although a trailblazer when originally launched in 2009, it was always hard to think of the BMW X1 as an SUV, thanks to its overly long bonnet and short ground clearance.

The 2016 model has a new shape and is finally deserving of its ‘X’ badge – it’s even poised to become a leader in the premium compact SUV segment.


40s and 50s

Mercedes-Benz GLC: from R599 900-R654 900

wheels_Mercedes-Benz-GLCWhile Mercedes-Benz SUVs have been around for decades, the brand was missing a crossover that could take on the likes of the Audi Q5 or the BMW X3.

The answer is the GLC, which launched towards the end of 2015. The GLC feels every inch like the leading C-Class, but it’s up for the challenge of ferrying busy teens and even transporting your golf bags. It can also tackle the rolling hills emakhaya in December, thanks to optional driver packages, such as the engineering package which includes off-road, incline, rocking (with a ground clearance of up to 227mm) and trailer settings, which lets you move off wet grass with a trailer attached.