Last week the SABC made the historic decision to play 90% local music on all its 18 radio stations following a long fight for this by veteran jazz musician Don Laka.

Speaking to City Press on Sunday, Motsoeneng said his next challenge and move is to take the concept to the SABC TV channels, as risky as this may seem.

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“I have been chairing a meeting where I have been dealing with this issue of content. I am going to revamp SABC3. It will be 80% local movies,” Motsoeneng said.

“It is painful for me when we go and interact with film makers. They tell me they go outside [the country] when we have our own SABC. We want to be at a place where South Africans can produce their own movies in their own languages and English so we can compete internationally,” he said.

When asked about the risk of taking the SABC in this direction, Motsoeneg said that his job entails risks and he’s not phased by it.

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“Don’t worry about risk. Risk is me and I own up to it, but I know this is a good risk . . . I like risk because if I can’t take a risk, it means we can’t move as a country to change South Africa, especially on the content side. I always introduce risk in life because part of my job is to take that risk,” he explained.

Motsoeneng said the decision to play 90% local music on the SABC’s radio stations wasn’t a sudden one, and that he had spent months in meetings with musicians and independent producers to make this happen.

“If I fall, good. At least I tried something special. In this position that we hold, you can’t be afraid of taking a risk. Even if the majority of the team at the SABC says no we don’t agree with you, as long as I believe in it,” he said.

Source: City Press