SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has taken the 90% local music thing to another level. The controversial executive is alleged to have instructed the broadcaster’s radio stations to play a song by poet Mzwakhe Mbuli throughout the day.

The song, which features a female choir praising Motsoeneng, will be played by all SABC radio stations.

Speaking to Morning Live following a decision by the SABC to have all its radio stations play 90% local music, Mbuli said he and other artists decided to compose a tribute song to thank Motsoeneng for making the decision.

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Mbuli said the decision showed that there was good leadership at the SABC.

The decision was welcomed by other local artists. Jazz legend Don Laka, who has been leading the fight for more recognition for South African artists, praised the landmark decision in an interview with DESTINY.

“A landmark decision has been made, and we achieved what we wanted to achieve! We’ve been hearing: ‘Oh, we don’t have sufficient content.’ Well, listen to the radio today. Where does all that content come from?”

He also commended Motsoeneng for making the decision.

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“That 10% is fine. It will mean that foreigners have to fight for that 10% and it won’t be us fighting for 10% in our own country. It’s a huge victory for us. We don’t want our children singing the praises of foreigners at the expense of our musicians,” Laka explains. “I mean, you can listen to Jay-Z on radio once a day or once every two weeks if you really like him, but mostly, you will be listening to us.”

Other artists also praised the decision, as they believed that it was about time local artists were given enough airplay on SA’s radio stations. “90% South African Music on SABC station…..Thanks to the Powers be and Thank you #Donlaka sir for your contribution,” Black Coffee tweeted.