With 13 years in the industry under her belt, endorsements from global make-up brand Bobbi Brown and Johnnie Walker, Lira – real name Lerato Molapo –  says she’s learnt many lessons along the way.

An astute business woman, she owns independent music label Otarel Music, and says going it alone has given her room to expand her career.

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“What I’ve learnt over the years is to structure my finances so I can afford my dreams. The reason I’ve gone independent is because there’s so much red tape for an African artist who wants to infiltrate the world. But the challenge is that you need so many more resources,” she says.

Lira’s label just produced Dream Chaser, a TV series licensed to Fox Global, which chronicles her tour of 12 US states. Lira says having a financial plan and being serious about money has helped her achieve her goals.

“With the Dream Chaser tour I had to keep seven band members alive in the States for two months, there was a camera crew filming everything. I am earning in rands but paying in euros,” she says.

And the secret to her success? A clear vision of who she is and what message she wants to get across.

“The key to making memorable music first of all is the intention. I find that as human beings we are attracted to emotion, if something touches us emotionally we will forever have a connection to it. If you attach an emotional message to an  infectious melody that usually connects with people and surpasses time,” she says.

Watch the video below.