Best performance car < R1,5 million: BMW i8

With manufacturers downsizing engines due to emissions, BMW decided to go the extreme route in developing the i8

Using a tiny 1,5-litre three-cylinder engine in combination with an electric motor, BMW has created a Porsche 911 rival. Boasting a total power output of 266kW/570Nm, one would be mistaken in assuming that the i8 is a toaster because it runs partly on electricity.

Wheels Report 2016_BMw i8_2What makes the car stand out the most is the design language. Aesthetically, there is simply nothing like it on the road and in electric mode, the car is completely silent.

Put it in Sport mode and listen to the petrol engine bark – an unexpected sound from such a small powerplant. The interior is in keeping with the futuristic theme and there is a modicum of practicality too, as there are two smaller rear seats for small children or very slim adults.

Wheels Report 2016_BMW i8_3What BMW has done by developing the i8 is to prove that you don’t need large displacement figures to make something fast and exciting. With the future looking greener, it has paved the way for sports cars that have adapted to the new way of doing things.

Enthusiasts may lament our choice in this segment because the Porsche 911 is an epic driver’s car, but the BMW i8 pushes the boundary in every other aspect, while still being able to excite the driver.

The i8 is driving the future now!