Best performance car: Audi RS3

The exciting world of fast cars is one that is bursting at the seams, with many manufacturers looking to create something faster, louder and better. Say hello to Audi's RS3

You’ve got to love extremely quick hatchbacks. Cars like the Mercedes Benz A45 and the Audi RS3 have garnered much popularity due to them offering sports car performance at a cheaper price.

With a 0-100km/h time of 4,2 seconds, the Audi RS3 means serious business. A unique five-cylinder soundtrack adds to the excitement, making it a sought-after performance car.

rs3-sportback-22_1800x1800Compared with its main rival, the A45, one could say that the only real difference lies in the RS3’s appeal. The old saying, less is more, rings true here.

Aesthetically, the car is more docile than the Mercedes, yet still very sporty and can be driven in suit, whereas the Merc is more of a jeans-and-sneakers kind of car. That being said, the RS3 does look almost identical to its lesser sibling, the S3.

rs3-sportback-23_1800x1800As an overall package, though, it’s the car you want to keep in your garage, because it is civilised enough for everyday driving, but when the time comes to flex some muscles, boy, can it show off! At R775 000, it’s a budget sports car with four doors.

— Francisco Mwaba