Best premium large SUV: Audi Q7

A behemoth of a car in its first iteration, the Audi Q7 has shrunk to a more modest size

Yes, the new Q7’s look is understated – some may even call it anonymous. In a world where car size matters, the competition surely has the upper hand when it comes to flashiness.

What the it does have is a very large grille – so large, in fact, that almost the entire front-end is made up of it. The grille is accompanied by a big personality, which is what makes this car the winner.

The drive is memorable – direct, poised and graceful. It’s like a boxer in a tailored suit. The interior is a fantastic place to be, with geometric shapes creating a modern and chic look and a never-ending air- conditioner vent giving the impression of vast width.

A humble 2,0-litre petrol engine starts the range off, but if you’re a lover of double-thick cream, then the 3,0-litre diesel, with 600Nm of torque on tap, is the one to go for. Big players are involved in this segment and big money too. With a starting price of R917 000, it is well-priced compared with its rivals.

The Q7 may not be an SUV that screams: “Look at me!”, but it is an excellent all-round package and one of the segment’s best-kept secrets.

— Francisco Mwaba