Best compact: Opel Corsa

It’s fairly crowded in the hatch segment, but thankfully there is the Corsa

The second product from Opel’s re-energised offensive ticks all the boxes for a modern-day daily-runner. It’s wonderfully spacious and the craftsmanship in its build is exceptionally good.

Key aspects that impress include the raft of electronic convenience provided on the dash. These range from an advanced infotainment system that is both touch-screen- and wireless comms-enabled to professional surrounds.

Opel corsa 2Safety items are right up there with premium alternatives. And then there is the range of engines: masterfully refined and eager in operation. The 1,0-litre 3-cylinder model is a peach, combining exemplary fuel consumption with ample power to reel in the kilometres. The drive quality is peerless.

One wonders if Opel didn’t replace industrial oil and grease with honey and cream. The suspension it’s perched on irons out road imperfections with a fluidity and supremacy we have never experienced before and the dynamism of its road-holding beggars belief.

Besides the aforementioned goodness, the Corsa is a pretty little thing. It wears Opel’s new corporate suit with a finely balanced spread of maturity and youthful enthusiasm. This makes it attractive to a wide variety of potential buyers, from the young upstart to the middle- aged hustler needing a run-around to knock on doors to empty-nesters requiring something robust, nimble and easy on the pocket.

— Phuti Mpyane