Best hatchback range: Ford Focus

The Ford Focus wins quite convincingly because it ticks all the boxes of what a hatch should be

The Ford Focus presents itself as an honest, smart choice when looking for a well-rounded, well-established nameplate. Ford is serious about its strategy to bring functional, convenient technology to the masses at an affordable price. The Focus can be proud of playing a part in this with its simple SYNC interface to which your smartphone can be connected and which allows you to use your voice to control certain infotainment functions. It’s not new tech, but it’s easily accessible tech that isn’t available at the tick of a box on a website. Parking Assistance is also available on the Focus (this IS an option.)

focus-rs_120_1800x1800The Focus also benefits from Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost technology with both the 1.0 litre and 1.5 litre EcoBoost engines available in the range. These engines provide enough shove for the Focus coupled to auto/manual gearboxes. They’re, efficient mills each of which can turn in less than 5l/100km between fill-ups. Of course, the range is topped with the sporty hatchbacks Ford Focus ST1 and ST3 derivatives.

Spec for spec, there isn’t anything to match the Ford’s value for money. Pricing starts at R236 900 which is close to R60 000 cheaper than what we consider to be its nearest rival. This is what a hatch needs to be: accessible, efficient, sensible. Coupled with Ford’s countrywide footprint, the Focus is a great choice.

— Avon Middleton