(Video) Meet Ants owner Guiyani Monteiro

Meet the forward-thinking creative changing the way Johannesburg shops. Guiyani Monteiro's concept shop, Ants, is full of exquisite treasures for everyone

Guiyani, who was born in Mozambique, has had the spirit of a wanderer her entire life. She has lived in many different countries, soaking up different cultures. Her mantra has always been, “Find. Gather. Share.”

With all the things gathered and stored in her heart, you can find pieces of different spots of the world under one roof – Ants. The gem, tucked away in Parkhurst, is a one-stop shop that satisfies all your needs: fashion that’s unique and eclectic but wearable, music on vinyls, art, home decor, and kids’ clothing.

Guiyani’s delicate mixture of street meets fine art gives you a peep into the head of this daring young entrepreneur. The future of fashion is led by this very cool, collected, and understated but super-stylish woman ready to take retail into a new territory. Find out more about the brand and what we can expect going forward.


Instagram: @we.are.ants
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weareantsza/