Rhodes University calm following heavy protesting: police

Calm has been restored at Rhodes University following an outbreak of violence, police said on Wednesday

Brigadier Sally de Beer said no further incidents had been reported since Wednesday morning. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University had also calmed down.

In Grahamstown on Tuesday evening, about 200 Rhodes students blocked access to university buildings and scattered syringes at the corner of Prince Alfred and Somerset Streets.

They removed a trailer from the premises, overturned it at the entrance of a building in Artillery Road and set it alight.

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Online editor at the Oppidan Press – a student media organisation at Rhodes – Leila Kidson said protesters had sprayed fire extinguishers in lecture theatres on Wednesday.

“It made it quite impossible to breathe, because it is toxic to inhale the gas,” Kidson said.

Another student at the university, Mandisa Mpula, said it felt like a normal day on campus.

“I would say everything just went on normally. Classes haven’t fully started yet, but it was a normal day on campus again,” Mpula said.

Rhodes University could not be reached for comment on Wednesday.

Watch police open fire at Rhodes University students: 

Source: News24 Wire