Get the most out of more

[FEATURED] Some people only dream. Others make their dreams a reality. Ashburton Investments’ new online investment platform can help you win big and give you more

What does more mean to you? Perhaps it’s taking care of your child’s education, going on that anniversary cruise, retiring with dignity or going on adventures. Whatever it means to you, it’s the difference between having a dream and living that dream.

The good thing is that the road to financial success is actually pretty simple. You have to live on less than you make and do something smart with the difference. Thanks to Ashburton Investments, investing is also simpler than it’s ever been.

Check out the online investing platform at for a fast, easy way to invest online. The Ashburton Investments platform guides you through the entire process – and you can tailor make your investment journey based on your unique, individual needs.

You can invest monthly – and, unlike a purchase, when you make an investment, the money stays yours – and grows over time. Best of all, if you invest within the next few months – exclusively on the Expect More platform – you can win big.

All you have to do is invest, by monthly debit order, in a tax-free investment product. Each month, until the end of February 2017, two lucky winners will get a year’s worth of investment contributions into any of the Ashburton funds of their choice.

That’s the secret. Don’t wait around. Give yourself more. Ts&Cs Apply.