Style Collusion: sunglasses for every face shape

Founder of Style Collusion, Khanyi Xaba (33), shares how her business came about and the valuable lessons she's learnt

Khanyi says her business initially started out as one that was meant to integrate vintage clothing and cool accessories. When she realised that there were already many people selling vintage clothing, she decided to rethink her strategy because she wanted a niche market.

In 2008, she left her corporate job because she hated it and went to the UK on a sabbatical. She says the time away was meant to help her find her purpose and passion, which is exactly what happened.

When she returned from the UK, she would get compliments on her sunglasses and at some point became uncomfortable with always saying she got her items overseas or online.

“It’s annoying to say you got something online because people think you don’t want to tell them,” she chuckles. “That’s when I realised there’s a market.”

Khanyi started researching about suppliers in the UK and US and eventually registered Style Collusion in 2014.

Apart from selling fashion-forward sunglasses, Style Collusion is also an image consultancy and styling company. Khanyi says she has always loved all things fashion, making styling and consultancy a perfect fit for her and her business.

Although Style Collusions’s core business is sunglasses, Khanyi says the image consulting and styling is going well. Her biggest clients are football reality show Nedbank Ke Yona Team Show and Minnie Dlamini who presents the show.

Khanyi makes use of the power of social media to grow and develop her business. “Social media has been a powerful and effective platform to market my business, something as simple as tagging us gains tractions,” she says.

Khanyi doesn’t have a physical store just yet, which tends to be a challenge for her because of the number of orders that come through.

She advises ladies not to focus too much on the shape of their faces to determine the right shades for them. “Hair can change your face, when you have big hair, the shades you wear with your natural short hair, for example, may not work,” she says. “What’s important is to have fun.”

Style Collusion prices range from R150 to R320. To get yourself a pair of sunglasses, email

Khanyi’s three tips for aspiring entrepreneurs: 

  • Get into a business you’re passionate about
  • Don’t do it for the money
  • Every failure is a lesson