How did Dainty Frocks come about and how did it evolve into a viable business?

Dainty Frocks started in 2012 after I decided that I no longer wanted to work the ordinary eight-to-five, I wanted to pursue my dreams. I have always loved and lived fashion and I wanted to live that truth, not just for myself but for my girls as well. I realised that I was going to turn it into a business in 2011 after I quit my [job] as an assistant.

Who is the brand targeting?

Dainty Frocks is targeted at African women in the modern world; to dress women in a way that is classy and looks great on them timelessly. The business is mostly advertised through social media, word-of-mouth and referrals from happy clients. Since the brand [has grown] over the past four years, I no longer make the clothes myself. I have a team of 11 people between Johannesburg and Durban who make the clothes.

• What makes the items unique and different from the next local designer?

The design of [the] clothing [is] for every woman, we have ageless pieces. Our prices vary from R150 – R1500 making them reasonable for everyone.

• What are some of the highlights and challenges of the business?

My hardworking and dedicated employees and loyal customers are some of the highlights of the business. Challenges include balancing [it with] my personal life. I’m a mother of two. It tends to get hard balancing motherhood and being a businesswoman.

How did your relationship with Thembisa Mdoda start?

Thembisa and I are good friends. We became friends when she learnt about my brand and started wearing our clothes in 2013 when I still ran Dainty Frocks from my home. I’d say we clicked, our vibes were just in tune and our friendship and relationship has blossomed since. When she found out that she would be presenting OPW, she wanted to bring me along on her journey, which is such an honour and I’m truly grateful.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt as a businesswoman?
Not everyone is meant to be part of the journey.

 Here are some of our favourite Dainty Frocks items: