SA salaries across 10 industries – report

Career junction recently released its updated 2016 Salary Review, revealing how much South Africans are earning in different industries

The report is based on more than 30 000 job listings on the career portal.

The 2016 Salary Review is an update of a version of the report that was published earlier this year in April. With all the turbulence in the economy since then, there have been some notable changes in the updated report.

The new report focuses a lot more on salaries in intermediate and senior level positions. It also shows the highest to the lowest-paying positions in each of the industries. The salaries are dependant on which province you live in.

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In most of the industries, Gauteng is the highest-paying province.

“Gauteng remains the highest-earning province for professionals in the financial sector. Due to high demand for labour, earnings are notably higher, compared to the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal,” the report says.

The report shows that salary offerings for architects and engineers also seem to be considerably lower in the Western Cape compared to Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Below is the complete list from Career Junction.

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