Progressor Insurance: Helping you progress with a Datsun Go

[FEATURED] Progressor Insurance, the new kid on the insurance block, aims to help its clients progress by giving away a brand new Datsun Go

Progressor Insurance believes that the progress of its clients should never stop.

That’s why it provides a range of personal and business insurance solutions that help clients to confidently move forward in life, knowing that their every step forward is protected.

To mark its entry into the market, Progressor is giving away a brand new Datsun Go, valued at R104 900. It’s a fresh, bold car that’s sure to get people moving onwards and upwards.

Like the Datsun Go, Progressor is all about moving forward. It provides tailor-made insurance solutions, expert advice and risk counselling that take your unique situation into consideration.

Working with its underwriters, Progressor provides you with a range of personal and business insurance products that’ll make sure that you quickly get back to your original position, or even better.

So you can rest assured knowing that there’s someone who’s always on your side.

If you’d like to move ahead and progress with a Datsun Go, simply visit the Progressor website to enter.