[WATCH] Nandi Madida’s DESTINY cover reveal

Nandi Madida's DESTINY cover reveal was a celebration of excellence

A radiant Nandi Madida celebrated her first cover issue with DESTINY at the beautiful Café Del Sol Botanico in Bryanston, Joburg.

The intimate luncheon was hosted by DESTINY to celebrate Madida’s rising star, with 2016 undoubtedly having been her year. She got married to long-time partner Zakes Bantwini, has welcomed her first baby with Bantwini and launched her fashion label, Colour, which was unveiled at Joburg Fashion Week in August. Madida is also co-host of BET’s The A-List with Ayanda Thabethe.

Madida was frank about the reason for her success and her daring to achieve her dreams.

“This year I lived with no fear, and positively too,” she said. “And I think because of that energy so much has happened and continues to happen. I wish to continue living this way.”

Bantwini spoke highly of his partner, lauding her work ethic and her heart.

“It is not very difficult to speak about my wife,  but at the same time it is not easy, because she is such a phenomenal woman,” said Bantwini.

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He explained how Madida’s presence in his life changed him for the better.

“She kind of just shaped me. I met her and I went back to school and I studied social entrepreneurship. She forced me. She said, ‘You are not going to be like any other celebrity,'” he said.

Also in attendance was Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba and his wife, Nomachule Gigaba, who spoke in glowing terms about Madida as a friend and as someone to look up to in the entertainment industry.

“I remember the other day I was in the papers and I was crying,” she recalled. “Then [Madida] told me that her mother always says that hurt people are broken themselves. Now when I see something about myself I just say [to those people], ‘You are a broken person.'”

Ndalo Media CEO Khanyi Dhlomo spoke about the importance of doing work that serves other people.

“I believe we are here to make the world better, we are here to partner with God, or Spirit or Source or the Universe, or whatever you believe that has made us exist. We are here to partner with that power to continue to create a better world,” she said.

Madida had a positive message for anyone who dared to try to live their dream: “No matter what your dreams are, know that you have your ultimate destiny, and that you will reach your ultimate potential,” she said.

Watch the video below: