The perfect way to pamper yourself

[FEATURED] How do you plan to spend your year-end bonus? Zando and Mercedes-Benz are offering a new way of thinking about how you spoil yourself this December

The festive season brings with it a new challenge. After a long year of working hard, late nights and the year-end office parties, we’re often left feeling drained right at the start of the holidays. Everyone needs a little break at this time of the year and a visit to your favourite online store is often a quick and convenient way to get hold of a pick-me-up.

This year, Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Zando to show customers how changing the way you think about the value of things can change the way you treat yourself. For example, a pair of shoes seems like a great purchase this time of year – who doesn’t want a new pair of heels to ring in the new year? However, simply looking at other ways of spending your money can change the way you think think about pampering yourself.

From today, a SMART car will appear in different places on Zando’s website with messaging to get you thinking about how you shop. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes or a handbag this month, why not think about using that money for a car payment instead? If you put aside money every month for a new vehicle, you’ll eventually be able to drive yourself to your next meeting in style, and what feels better than getting into or out of your new car?

For more info, visit: and don’t forget to start shopping! There are loads of ideas for other gifts so if you’re looking for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents, this is the perfect time to treat others, and yourself.