WATCH: Trevor Noah talks race with Barack Obama

Noah sat down and had a conversation with the outgoing president of the USA about various issues

As the first black president of the free world, Obama had a number of expectations thrust on his shoulders. One of the expectations was that he’d be the champion of black issues in his country. Opinions are still split on how successful he has been in championing the rights of African Americans.

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There has been a lot of racial tension in the USA with a number of high profile cases involving white police officers shooting unarmed black people. In September last year, right wing white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof killed nine people in Charleston church.

Noah asked Obama how he has been able to speak about issues of race without being seen to be alienating certain people.

Noah also asked the outgoing president about allegations that the recent presidential elections, which saw entrepreneur Donald Trump defeat favourite Hillary Clinton, were influenced by the Russians.

This is another feather in Noah’s cap whose book, Born A Crime, made it onto the New York Times bestseller list.

See the interview below: