Sites that will rescue you from your domestic helpers drama

If you are caught up in the rush to replace a domestic helper who has disappeared, here are a number of websites and applications with will make your search for a replacement easier.

Instead of calling  friends and colleagues  to recommend an aunt or an unemployed cousin to work in your home, taking advantage of the digital era will take the hassle out of searching for domestic help. There are a few applications and online platforms  that will make things a lot easier  for you during during this stressful time.

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Below are some apps and platforms you can download and search that will assist you in your time of need.

Book a Maid


According to the  co-founder of the platform, Lufuno Mudau, this application caters for different needs: “We have three packages. One is for someone who wants a helper to come once-off and do proper spring cleaning,” explains Mudau.

There is also a subscription option for those who want someone to come in twice a week, and another for those who want someone four times a month.  Payment can be made via EFT or debit order.

The company also provides other services such as nanny services, babysitters and someone to do the washing and ironing for the baby.



 domestic domestic 2

Domestly  is an app that is available on IOS and Adroid. The platform allows the user to connect directly with cleaning professionals and puts the power back into the hands of the cleaners by creating business communities for them.

Available on Android and Apple

Maid 4 U 


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Maid4U was founded by  Lindiwe Shibambo, a former domestic helper who is the founder of Maid4U, a company that trains, upskills and places helpers and nannies in positions.

A battle to find a qualified domestic helper to look after her daughter spurred Lindiwe Shibambo to start her company, Maid4U. Eight years later, the company has helped more than 1 000 people

In addition to domestic workers, the company offers a range of cleaning services, including after-party, window, new development, moving-house and holiday services, as well as cleaning for the elderly, disabled and injured.

Sweep South


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Sweep South was started by husband and wife duo Aisha Pandor and  Alen Ribic. It is  available as an online platform for phones, computers and tablets and it’s aim is to match people who are looking for experienced domestic helpers in their area with potential employees.

Sweep South works via an on-demand model, much like Uber. Before booking, users supply payment details and can then request the different cleaning services. They’ll be matched with someone who’s in their area who’ll then come and clean their space. Money is deducted from the account after the service has been provided, at a fixed charge per hour.

Some of these platforms have their own fees and pay their workers differently that the traditional fee. If you are going the  more traditional route of hiring a helper, it is important to be aware of the new minimum wage stipulated by the Department of Labour.