The most hijacked cars in South Africa

Find out where your car is ranked on the the list of most hijacked cars in South Africa

Hijackings are one of the many realities faced by South Africans daily.  According to Africa Check, police recorded 14,602 car hijackings in the country in 2015 and 2016.  The number was a 14,2% increase from the year before. These numbers mean that an abridge of 40 cars were hijacked everyday across the country.

Fifty percent of the crimes occurred in Gauteng according to Africa Check. To assist motorists, Car Track, a vehicle tracking company has released its statistics on the most hijacked cars in South Africa.

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According to the report, it says the most hijacked passenger vehicle in South Africa is the Volkswagen Polo, which doesn’t come as a surprise to many people.  VW Polos and VW Polo Vivos are the first and second best selling cars in the country, according to Business Tech. Toyotas are the second most hijacked passanger cars followed by Ford.


In The SUV category, Toyotas are the most hijacked cars, with the Fortuner being the most coveted model by thieves.  Land Rovers are the second followed by Nissan cars.

One can never know when they will be a victim of hijacking, however, there are a number of things to look out for that can decrease your chances of being hijacked.

Arrive Alive says most hijackings take place in the driveways of residential areas.  Hijackers prefer areas with accessible escape routes.

Hijackings take place while stationed at any traffic sign or intersection. They also take place while the driver is stationary next to the road, e.g. to answer a cellphone.

Drivers need to be aware that hijackings sometimes take place at schools when dropping off or picking up children, they can also take place when the car is offloading passengers.