Five things Maps Maponyane loves about Mauritius

With such a hectic schedule throughout the year, a trip to the island of Mauritius, he shares the top five things he likes about the country

Top Billing presenter, actor, model and budding entrepreneur Maps Maponyane recently visited Mauritius. He shares his travel and experiences of the country with us.

Maps who was visiting the country for the first-time shares the top five things he loved when he travelled to the country.

“Initially, I thought that spending five days in Mauritius was too long, but I ended up having so much more to do and didn’t even get to do everything.

The People

Every country is judged by its people and how it welcomes outsiders. If the people are welcoming, it makes travelling and learning about the country so much easier. People from Mauritius made the trip to the country even more special and unforgettable.

“The one thing that stands out for me at any place is the people. What was nice even though we got there at night on the first day, it immediately felt like paradise, because of how everyone was so welcoming. They made sure that we had a really good time, that I really appreciated,” he says.


The Beaches 

What would a trip in Mauritius be without exploring the country’s stunning beaches. The beaches are incredible, crystal clear where you can look down at the rock surface, they make everything postcard perfect with that aqua green colour and that Mediterranean blue throughout the island which was incredible.


The Boat trip

The boat trip was phenomenal, we went through a waterfall which was amazing. This was a phenomenal experience as was the Île aux Cerfs Island, where we got to enjoy lunch.

Learning how to paddle board 

I really enjoyed learning how to paddle board.  Even though Maps was doing this for the first-time, he says he really enjoyed the experience.

While he is an adventurous person, Maps says Mauritius is the best place for a relaxing holiday and would recommend others to explore the country.