Style crush: Mbali Sebapu

Blogger Mbali Sebapu describes her style as simple, elegant and sexy. She tells us about fashion versus style, and the items she can't live without

Blogger Mbali Sebapu (26) says when she goes shopping, she looks for timeless pieces, and she doesn’t mind spending a bit extra on an item she knows will last her for years.

What’s the difference between style and fashion?

To me, fashion is the trends that people are rocking at a particular point in time. It’s that one item that everyone wants. Style, on the other hand, is timeless; it’s the elegant pieces you can wear forever.

Who are your style icons?

I like Kefi Boo’s style – she always looks elegant and classy. I particularly enjoy the way in which she puts simple pieces together perfectly to create an amazing look.

Even though the designer shoes, garments, beauty treatments and cars she posts pictures of are too pricey for many of us, her Instagram account is great to follow for fashion inspiration.

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What inspires your outfits?

What I wear depends on my mood and where I’m going for the day. I tend to avoid jeans because I find them uncomfortable.

Which four items can’t you live without?

  • My block heels – they’re super comfortable and look good with everything
  • High-waisted pants that accentuate my body
  • A small black bag that suits any outfit
  • Brogues

And accessory?

My watches.

A fabulous bag or a fabulous pair of shoes?

A fabulous pair of shoes. I’m not really big on handbags so I’d much rather invest in a pair of comfortable shoes. I don’t compromise on comfort – heels are meant to make a woman feel poised and confident, so if they’re painful to walk in, I stay away.

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Which three items should every woman invest in?

A great pair of shoes, good formal pants and a good-quality coat.

Which three beauty items can’t you live without?

  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
  • AfroBotanics Super Hair Growth creme
  • Bounce Essential Deep Conditioning cap

Here a few of Mbali’s hottest looks: