Jabu Mabuza’s one must-have business advice

Serial entrepreneur and Telkom Chairman, Jabu Mabuza, shares the most critical advice for entrepreneurs

Having enjoyed an illustrious journey as an entrepreneur and a celebrated businessman in the corporate world, Mabuza says entrepreneurs often get caught up in the complexities of business.

For him, being an entrepreneur or business person is really quite simple: you provide a service that people need and figure out how to get it to them.

“Business people have this bad thing of making this concept of business very complicated. Business isn’t about jargon or big figures or billions. In the final analysis business is about people,” he says.

“People produce and people consume. People sell and people buy. People have aspirations and desires and you call them human resources. People are not human resources, they have resources.”

Mabuza was speaking on the first day of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre this week. 

Thousands of entrepreneurs and delegates from around the world have gathered to share insights and workshop ideas that will strengthen start-ups and stimulate growth and innovation.

Mabuza says he approaches every business venture by asking four simple questions:

1. What do your [consumers] need?

2. Where can you get it?

3. How do you want it?

4. Where do I bring it?

His advice to entrepreneurs is to take it back to basics and always keep people and the consumer at the forefront of your mind in everything that you do. This he says, will be a key to entrepreneurial success.