Bonang lets us in on her reality show and latest partnership

We had a one on one with radio host and media darling Bonang Matheba on her reality show and her latest partnership

Bonang Matheba, better known as Queen B has partnered with cognac brand, Courvoisier. The announcement was made on Tuesday at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, Johannesburg.

I’m really not the groupie type but I must admit, when I heard that I’d get a chance to sit and chat to Mzansi’s biggest celeb – I was over the moon! And it doesn’t help that I’m a Queen B fan – through and through (don’t judge).

Interacting with her was nothing short of amazing – it felt like I was chatting to my childhood bestie (maybe because I had rehearsed our conversation in my head 20 times before). She was easy going, warm, full of life and real – something I didn’t expect from one of South Africa’s biggest stars.

So in a nutshell, my girl crush has gone from 100 to infinity – obsessed!

The Metro FM  radio host who is also the South African ambassador for Revlon, said she has always identified with the brand as her father has always enjoyed a glass of the well-renowned cognac. Courvoisier also speaks to brand Bonang as it speaks to luxury and sophistication.

“My father drinks Courvoisier, he drank it from when I was a little girl. So it’s a brand I’ve always known growing up, she says.

“It’s a brand that is rich in history, well respected all over the world and well awarded. It’s premium, it’s luxury, it’s decadence and sophistication – everything that speaks to brand Bonang,” the Top Billing presenter said.

She went on to explain that unlike most brands which just want you to sell their products, her partnership with Courvoisier is like a marriage as they fully support her on all her projects.

“Courvoisier wants to intertwine their brand with my projects – my book, my new TV show, my bursary fund, lingerie collections. They just want to take it on and support,” she says.

Matheba, who turns 30 this year, says she feels more mature and proud of the woman she has become. She goes on to explain that she intends on celebrating her life and all her achievements this year.

“I feel beautiful in the woman that I am and the woman I’ve become and the things I have achieved. Courvoisier is that – it’s enjoyed by queens and kings and I feel like a queen who has done so much and is content with the woman she is,” she says.

Matheba also let us in on her reality show, which is currently in the works. She explains that while the show will give viewers a glimpse into her life, it will be more about the Bonang brand, rather than her personal life.

She admits that the decision to do a reality show was not an easy one, as she toyed with the idea for at least five years.

“I’m a very private person. Even laying the intricacies of my life in my book was difficult. But I felt like I wanted people to see how the magic is created.”

Matheba says she isn’t bothered about the public scrutiny that often comes with doing a reality show because she’s had to deal with criticism for the past 13 years she’s been in the industry.

She further explains that as a public figure, you need to be able to block the criticism, remain level-headed and professional.

“There are trials and tribulations every day, but public scrutiny is the biggest challenge.I’m criticised daily – it really doesn’t bother me anymore.”

Her book is about her journey, how she became who she is, the building blocks, decision making and lessons learnt. Matheba says through her book, she aims to inspire and motivate readers.

The book will also reveal things that are not in the public domain.

She explains that there are decisions she’s made that people don’t know about and things that have happened to her that she has never spoken about – all which she reveals in her book.

“It’s aspirational and inspirational. After people read my book, they’re going to feel like conquering the world,” she says.

Bonang, who launched her bursary fund in 2016,  says she’s at a point where she wants to give back. She plans on doing this by sharing her life story to inspire others or through empowering young women through her bursary fund.

“I want to share my magic so that someone else can be magical. I’m at a point where I want to improve someone’s life, I really just want to give back.”