Hulisani Ravele on graduating cum laude

Having been in the industry for 20 years, TV and radio presenter Hulisani Ravele is celebrating another milestone

Media personality, Hulisani Ravele proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium (honours) from AFDA media school on 10 March. This is in addition to her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management, which she received in 2008 from the University of Johannesburg.

She says her aim was to graduate cum laude, and although her marks weren’t great in the first semester, she worked hard to make sure she achieved the goal she’d set.

She says she knew as early as her first semester that it was possible to achieve her goal because she was doing something she’s passionate about, which made it easier for her to excel.

“I feel over the moon. I’m very happy and very proud – it was all worth it,” she says. “I told myself from the beginning that I wanted to graduate cum laude, so it’s something I’ve been working very hard towards the whole year.”

“Going back to school after eight years was challenging. Firstly, from a financial perspective, because I had to get a R75 000 student loan to cover my year of studies, and secondly, from a mental and emotional perspective because I had to balance my career while making sure I wasn’t jeopardising my studies. It meant turning down some jobs every now and then but the sacrifice was well worth it.”

Ravele dedicates her achievement to her late dad who she says was strict when it came to education. “I wish he’d been there to witness the moment along with my mother and siblings,” she says.

Ravele decided to further her studies because she wanted a stronger theoretical and practical understanding of producing television as she works towards heading up her own productions under her company, Tshimbiluni Productions.

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A passionate academic at heart, she believes that acquiring knowledge is vital and complements skills one may already have. This qualification paves the way for her to do her master’s and PhD.

Not only has she acquired a degree but also the confidence to create and produce her own shows, something she’s always wanted to do.

“I wanted to be able to walk out there and confidently call myself a producer and not just be the person in front of the camera or the talent. Now I’ll have a 360° view of a production and I’ll be able to execute any part of it.

One of the most valuable lessons Ravele has learnt is to not compare herself to the next person because people are different.

“It’s important to know where you stand from an academic point of view and what your capabilities are,” she says.

On her future plans, Ravele says she’d like to focus her attention on producing her own concepts and growing Tshimbiluni Productions.