Three options to try if you have a hairline issue

Hair loss is something many women battle with, but there are ways to avoid it or get around it

Excessive hair loss around the temple area is a result of continuous or repetitive tension on the hairline and scalp.

Hairline issues are often caused by traction-based styles such as weaves, thin braids, cornrows or ponytails, and occur when the hair is pulled back too tightly or you haven’t given the hair a break between styles.

The risk is greatest when tight styles are done on chemically treated or dyed hair.

A simple way to avoid hair loss is to keep hairstyles for short periods and give your hair and scalp a break. Having a style done should be painless process. If the hairstylist has pulled too tightly, you need to make him or her aware of this and ask them to undo the style.

Try these options if you’re experiencing hair loss around the temple area:

A wig

A wig is a great option because it allows you to treat the hair loss gradually while looking and feeling good.

But don’t get carried away with just looking good and end up neglecting your hair – that defeats the purpose. Maintain your hair regimen: wash, deep-condition and moisturise as you usually would.

Shaved sides

Shaving aides are having quite a moment. The look is trendy and edgy. It’s versatile because you can experiment with the hair on the top of the head and install braids, twists or even faux locks.


Depending on how bad the hairline issue is, cornrows that don’t strain the hairline (as shown below) are recommended.

If your hairline is fragile and weak, ask your stylist to cornrow the hair from the back to the front or sideways – as long as it isn’t towards the back. This will decrease the amount of tension around the temple area.

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