Where you’re most likely to get a job in South Africa

These are the provinces and sectors that are most likely to employ people, according to a survey by Manpower SA

The latest Outlook Survey for the second quarter of 2017 by recruitment company Manpower SA outlines which provinces you’re most likely to be employed in. The survey found that although workforce gains were to be expected in all provinces, Cape Town had the most favourable outlook.

“The strongest labour market is forecast in the Western Cape, where employers report a net employment outlook of more than 14%,” the report states. “Elsewhere, employers report cautiously optimistic outlooks of more than 9% in both the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal. Outlooks sit at about 6% and 4% in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng, respectively.”

The report looked at 751 employers across the country from the micro,  small, medium and large business sectors, asking them what their outlook for hiring was. Micro entities are those that have less than 10 employees, while a small business is classified as one that has 10 employees but less than 50. A medium business has 50 to 249 workers and companies with 250 or more employees is considered a large business.

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“While Gauteng remains the economic hub of South Africa, employers in the province have registered a conservative outlook of more than 4% for the second consecutive quarter,” Lyndy van den Barselaar, managing director of Manpower SA, said in a statement. “Initiatives around economic transformation by the Gauteng provincial government are aimed at stimulating key aspects of the market, which will create opportunities for further employment in the province in the coming quarters. These initiatives are focused on encouraging local manufacturing of goods, support for black-owned firms and unlocking employment opportunities for all people across the province, as reported in the State of the Province address last month.”

The sector likely to employ the most people, according to the survey, is the Transport, Storage & Communication sector, with a net employment outlook of +15%, followed jointly by the Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing sector and the Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Business Services sector, with a net employment outlook of +11%

The Wholesale & Retail Trade sector was  “cautiously optimistic” in its hiring outlook at +10%.

The Construction sector and the Mining & Quarrying sector have the least positive outlooks, with +3 % and +1% respectively.

Image: Manpower SA